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Fire tamed in Yiolou, but bittersweet news for dog shelter

Heroic efforts save dog shelter, yet tragic losses amidst the flames


On Tuesday at noon, a fire erupted near the Yolos community in Paphos district, close to an animal shelter housing approximately 100 dogs. According to Fire Service spokesman Andreas Kettis, the dogs are currently safe with their handlers. However, conflicting social media reports suggest there might have been casualties.

Earlier in the day, Andreas Kettis, Spokesman for the Fire Brigade, reported that five fire engines from Paphos town and district swiftly responded to combat the blaze. Additionally, two helicopters and three aircraft have been deployed for aerial support. Three fire-fighting vehicles from the Department of Fire and Rescue Services, Ministry of Fire and Rescue, along with forestry, earthmovers, and an F.P.M. from the Thera Service, are also assisting in the firefighting efforts. The fire spread on dry grass and wild vegetation, complicating the firefighting operations in this challenging terrain.

As the fire raged, there was no official notification to the Fire Department regarding the animal shelter in the vicinity. However, social media witnessed a surge of concerned citizens rallying together to raise awareness about the peril faced by the shelter's approximately 100 dogs. Volunteers were urgently sought to aid in the safe evacuation of the animals from the danger zone.

Nieske De Jonge, the owner of the Stray Haven shelter in Yiolou, issued a dramatic appeal via a heartfelt post on social media, desperately seeking help to relocate the animals and prevent any harm to them.

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