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First humanitarian aid shipment en route to Gaza

UK and Republic of Cyprus collaborate on pilot mission, security conditions vital for future initiatives


In a significant milestone for Cyprus, the first ship laden with humanitarian aid is en route to the Gaza coast, marking the initial phase of the country's humanitarian corridor initiative. Israel has given the green light for this pilot implementation, signaling a crucial step forward in facilitating aid to the region.

The vessel, a British ship, departed from the port of Larnaca, carrying humanitarian aid provided by the UK and supplemented by contributions from the Republic of Cyprus. Deputy government spokesman Yiannis Antoniou shared this information during an interview with SPOR FM and the DIASPORA NEWS program.

Antoniou clarified that the success of this inaugural aid mission will influence Israel's decision on whether to proceed with full implementation of the humanitarian corridor plan. Emphasizing the need for guaranteed security conditions in the next phase, he highlighted the necessity of a prolonged ceasefire to enable the safe travel of ships carrying substantial volumes of humanitarian aid to Gaza and back. The outcome of this initial mission will play a pivotal role in shaping future endeavors for humanitarian assistance in the region.

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