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Israeli experts in Cyprus to assist with humanitarian corridor to Gaza

The initiative 'Amalthia' aims to address Gaza's humanitarian crisis with support from the Israeli technical team

Newsroom / CNA

In a bid to establish a maritime corridor for the delivery of humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza, a group of Israeli technocrats was set to visit Cyprus on Tuesday, as announced by Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis. This initiative, named "Amalthia," aims to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and enhance the provision of necessary aid to the civilian population.

Letymbiotis stated that Cyprus has developed a detailed plan for implementing the initiative, and various states have expressed their intention to contribute equipment and materials for its execution. The first batch of humanitarian aid is already stored in Larnaca, awaiting favorable conditions for the initiative's implementation.

The upcoming visit by the Israeli technical team follows two prior visits by a Cypriot technical team to Israel. Letymbiotis highlighted that discussions have already taken place, and the Israeli team will now inspect the technical infrastructure in Cyprus and the proposed points for the humanitarian corridor.

The technical aspects of the plan are in an advanced stage of implementation, with the final approval needed from Israel to proceed. The initiative also incorporates provisions for humanitarian pauses, allowing the delivery of aid during specific intervals.

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