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Five stabbed and killed in Sydney mall tragedy (vid)

Eyewitnesses recount scenes of panic and bloodshed as a knifeman goes on a rampage, leaving five dead and several wounded in a busy Sydney shopping center.

Source: BBC

Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of chaos and horror as they fled a bustling shopping mall in Sydney, where a knifeman killed five people and injured several others. The incident unfolded at the Westfield shopping center in Bondi, prompting a swift response from emergency services.

One distraught witness described the situation as "insanity," recalling the sight of a wounded woman on the floor. As crowds rushed to escape, another witness reported hearing people yelling and screaming as they ran. They described following a policewoman before encountering the armed attacker, who was subsequently shot dead by law enforcement.

According to reports, the assailant appeared to be on a "killing spree," with witnesses spotting two bodies near a wedding shop. Another witness described seeking refuge in a nearby store as gunshots rang out, recounting the tense moments until police arrived.

Australian Prime Minister expressed condolences to those affected, acknowledging the tragic loss of life and praising the efforts of emergency responders. The Westfield Mall, located near Bondi Beach, is a prominent shopping destination in Sydney's eastern business district.

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