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Flight ban extended for two weeks in Cyprus

Cypriot transport minister pushes back deadline for universal flight ban


 A universal flight ban in the Republic of Cyprus was extended on Thursday for two more weeks, as health officials this week are closely monitoring the effectiveness of all measures taken on the island so far.

The government enforced a ban on flights last month, with a decree issued on March 17 through April 4 designed to combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease which had reached pandemic levels.

An Aegean flight with medical supplies donated by China arrived earlier this week from Athens under the exception rules

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos signed a two-week extension on Thursday morning, essentially banning the operation of passenger planes in the Republic, excluding cargo and special charter flights approved by the government.

“After evaluating the situation in the Republic of Cyprus but also the dramatic developments in other European states and around the world, we are extending the universal flight ban for another 14 days,” Karousos wrote on Facebook.

An Aegean flight with medical supplies donated by China arrived earlier this week from Athens, while a second shipement was ready for pick-up by a Cypriot charter flight according to Chinese Ambassador to Nicosia Xingyuan Huang.

“Happy to announce that the first batch of China-donated medical supplies has reached Cyprus, including 5000 KN95 masks, 5000 surgical masks, and 1320 protective uniforms,” the Huang wrote on Twitter.

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