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French and Greek fighter jets at Paphos air base

A joint aeronautical exercise featuring naval and air forces of Greece, France, and Cyprus, is set to take place off the west coast of Cyprus from Wednesday until Friday

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Joint aeronautical exercises featuring the militaries of Greece, France, and Cyprus are set to take place from Wednesday until Friday off the west coast of Cyprus is set to send a strong response to Turkey’s activities in the eastern Mediterranean.

For the next few days, the Paphos air base will constitute the operational centre of broad military activity in the framework of the exercises, which are to take place for the first time.

Information secured by Kathimerini Cyprus suggests French and Greek military aircraft will make use of the Paphos air base to take off in view of participating in the scenarios of the exercises.

France is expected to employ three Rafale fighter jets, while Greece will use three F-16, with all but two Greek F-16 already stationed at the air base in Paphos.

The exercises will also feature French naval forces, including the La Fayette frigate which has been in the region for a while, while Greece will also participate with its own vessels.

The Cyprus National Guard is expected to participate in the exercise with naval and air forces, and will activate its anti-aircraft umbrella.

Greek F-16 (File photo)

The exercise

For obvious reasons, the execution of the exercise was kept out of the spotlight on the part of Cyprus. According to military sources, the aeronautical exercise is linked with an exercise to be carried out by Greek naval forces in an area between the islands of Rodos, Karpathos, and south of Kastelorizo, with the easternmost point of the reserved area touching upon the point of contact of the Cyprus and Egypt EEZ.


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