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Global investment giants converge in Cyprus for IIFA 2023

Cyprus welcomes world's top investment fund leaders in October

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The 36th annual international conference of the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), will take place in Cyprus, for the first time, on October 23-25.

A press release says that the Conference, which is attended every year by representatives from the largest associations and managers of Investment Funds worldwide, is considered one of the leading international forums for the sector.

IIFA, the International Association for Investment Funds has members from 40 countries, including USA, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, and several EU member states.

"Its contribution to communicating the critical issues of Investment Funds internationally is decisive as it gathers those involved in the field to an exchange of views on issues of common interest—notably; the Conference brings out views of weighty importance every year" the press release says.

IIFA members' assets under management are estimated to exceed $70 trillion. The press release says that Cyprus has been represented at IIFA since 2019 through the Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA), which after intense and targeted efforts succeeded in securing the majority vote of IIFA members to hold the said important event.

The proceedings for the organization of the Conference, which accepts participation solely by IIFA members, have been underway for several months with the interest being particularly intense, both in terms of participation, as well as regarding the list of esteemed speakers and official guests.

Speakers at this year's Conference include Chris Cummings - Chief Executive Officer, The Investment Association, Marie E. Dzanis - Head of Asset Management, EMEA, CEO, NTGIL, Gema Esteban Garrido - Global Head of ESG, IG4Capital, Judy Goldring - President and Head of Global Distribution, AGF Management Limited, Reda Hilali - President ASFIM, Pat Lardner - Chief Executive, Irish Funds, Ryan McNelley - Managing Director, Portfolio Valuation, Kroll Advisory Ltd and Małgorzata Rusewicz -President of the Management Board, Chamber of Fund and Asset Managers, Chamber of Pension Funds.

CIFA president, Andreas Yiasemides said they are particularly pleased that the 36th IIFA conference will be hosted for the first time in Cyprus, adding that it constitutes the highest honour for CIFA and its members because it is such a significant event, as well as a first-class opportunity for Cyprus to highlight its advantages as a destination for Investment Funds and managers.

"The conference’s participants arrive from every corner of the world, and we could not have a better opportunity to promote our country as an investment destination and an international business centre", he said.

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