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Google DeepMind CMO at the Digital Agenda Cyprus summit

The Digital Agenda Cyprus summit is made possible by the support of Cyta and the Bank of Cyprus and will take place on October 17th, 2023


Dex Hunter-Torricke, the Chief Communications Officer of DeepMind and a close associate of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, is coming to Cyprus.

Dex Hunter-Torricke has worked alongside some of the most influential tech personalities of the 21st century. He previously held positions as the Head of Communications at SpaceX, the Head of Communications at Facebook/Meta, and worked in esteemed roles at Google as a copywriter. He began his career as a speechwriter for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon before becoming Elon Musk's trusted communications chief. He is recognized as one of the top "ghostwriters" by The New York Times. In his speeches, he delves into the socio-economic and organizational implications of emerging technologies.

Dex Hunter-Torricke will be one of the keynote speakers at the 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2023, which will be held on October 17th at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

Under the overarching theme of "The New Normal," the 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2023 will address pressing issues concerning humanity at the local and regional levels. Topics of discussion will include artificial intelligence, the evolving work environment, navigating toxic communication, the impact of climate change in our daily lives, the overdue electrification of the automotive sector in Cyprus, the missed opportunities in achieving energy self-sufficiency, and the correlation between mental health and physical well-being. Embracing diversity as the new norm will also take center stage. This influential conference will be held in Nicosia, showcasing the latest advancements in these fields.

The Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit, made possible by the support of Cyta and the Bank of Cyprus, will take place on October 17th, 2023.
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