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Gov't officials submit asset declarations: Who holds the most valuable property?

Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou leads the pack with extensive property holdings and bank deposits, while Agriculture Minister Petros Xenophontos owns the most agricultural land

The deadline for submitting the Asset Declarations by members of the new Government, as provided by legislation, ends today, Thursday, April 27th. The President, Ministers, and Deputy Ministers have provided information on their property ownership, means of transportation, participation in businesses, ownership of stocks in companies, and their bank deposits, among other things.

According to the information gathered, Minister of Interior Konstantinos Ioannou leads the pack, owning the property with the highest value. Specifically, he acquired, either through inheritance or purchase, one-fourth of a plot worth 3,850,000 euros, one-half of a plot worth 1,853,500 euros, one-half of a plot worth 443,200 euros, and three-eighths of three plots worth 539,000, 525,000, and 515,000 euros.

Additionally, Mr. Ioannou is the owner of a plot of land worth 276,000 euros, a field worth 220,000 euros, and an apartment in Berlin worth 350,000 euros.

Regarding bank deposits, the Minister of Interior has the largest amount, approximately 500,000 euros.

He is also involved in eight businesses simultaneously.

Mr. Ioannou owns two cars worth 35 and 13 thousand euros, a boat worth 45 thousand euros, and a motorcycle worth 14 thousand euros. He has a loan in the amount of 370 thousand euros from the Greek Bank.

The minister with the most agricultural land

Various ministers of the government own agricultural land, but the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Petros Xenophontos, owns the most. According to the data, out of the 62 properties, in the majority of which Mr. Xenophon is a co-owner, most are agricultural land.



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