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Greece to move over 2,300 refugees to mainland after Easter

Reducing the risk of coronavirus spread, refugees will be transferred from island camps to mainland hotels or apartments

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Greek authorities will begin the gradual transfer of 2,380 asylum seekers and their families from island camps to accommodation facilities on the mainland after Orthodox Easter (April 19), the country’s Migration Ministry said Thursday.

The move, which will take place over two weeks, aims to reduce the risk of refugees being infected by the coronavirus.

The refugees will be housed in centres, apartments or hotels, the ministry said.

Among the 2,380 are 200 people aged over 60, while 1,730 are asylum seekers of all ages with facing chronic illnesses, who will be transferred with their families.

Medical NGOs and human rights groups have beeing appealing to the Greek government since the start of the pandemic to evacuate the country’s overcrowded migrant and refugee camps to protect their residents and workers from infection.

A camp in Ritsona, northeast of the capital, was quarantined earlier this month after 20 residents tested positive for Covid-19.

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