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Heavy rains loom over flood festival in Cyprus

Water-related outdoor activities could be disrupted as island celebrates syncretic religious holiday


A yellow warning has been issued in Cyprus for Whit Monday, as heavy showers and possibly hailstorms could possibly disrupt outdoor activities during flood festival celebrations.

According to weather officials in the Republic of Cyprus, a yellow-level storm watch went into effect Monday morning at 10am through the afternoon at 4pm.

The storm watch alert said isolated thunderstorms, which may be accompanied by hail, were likely to affect parts in mountain and inland areas, with precipitation rates expected to exceed 35 millimeters.

'Take extra care in exposed areas, like mountains, forest and open terrain. Disruption to outdoor activities is possible'

A weak low pressure system is affecting the area on “Monday of the Holy Spirit,” also known as Pentecost Monday.

Known in Greek as “Kataklysmos,” the syncretic three-day-weekend holiday is celebrated Monday with lots of water-related outdoor activities on the island, as Orthodox Christians mark 50 days after Greek Easter while also honoring ancient traditions from Greek mythology.

“Take extra care in exposed areas, like mountains, forest and open terrain. Disruption to outdoor activities is possible,” the alert said, with late afternoon winds expected to reach 6 points on the Beaufort scale.

While Monday skies are expected to be mostly clear, increasing clouds will move in by noon or afternoon, with high chances of local showers and isolated thunderstorms, including possibly hailstorms, mainly in the interior including over mountains.

Temperature highs will reach 33 degrees Celsius inland, around 27 in the west, 30 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 24 high up in the mountains.

Evening weather is expected to be mostly clear but low clouds will still remain in the picture, including thin fog conditions later on.

Lows will drop to 18 degrees inland, around 19 along the coast, while it will be 13 degrees high up in the mountains.

Scattered rain is also expected through the middle of the week, with Tuesday afternoon thunderstorms targeting inland and the mountains while brief mountain showers are also likely on Wednesday.

Overall temperatures are on gradual climb through Wednesday, especially inland and mountains, with levels reaching close to normal averages for this time of the year. A further increase is also expected Thursday mainly in the interior.

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