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Hot weather advisory continues for Cyprus

Officials issue yellow warning as afternoon temperatures inland could reach 40 Thursday and Friday


A yellow weather has been issued for Cyprus as afternoon temperatures could reach 40 degrees this week, with humidity on the rise.

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Weather officials have issued a high temperature warning for Thursday afternoon effective from 2pm through 4:30pm, due to extreme high temperatures that could reach 40 degrees inland. A similar alert goes into effect Friday from 12 noon through 4pm.

Thursday skies will be mostly clear with passing clouds at mid-level and higher altitudes.

Maximum high temperatures will reach around 40° Celsius inland, around 34 in the northern and eastern parts, and 32 in all other coastal regions and in the mountains.

Feel factor going up

Humidity had climbed to about 50% in the morning hours according to various sources, raising the “feel factor” or how weather is actually perceived to hotter than earlier this week when overall humidity was kept at a low 20%.

In the evening, there will be high clouds with possible fog and lower clouds expected overnight. Temperature lows will drop down to 22 inland, in the north and up in the mountains, while it will be 23 in all other coastal regions.

Friday skies will remain mostly clear with scattered clouds at higher altitudes. Maximum highs will drop slightly while dust levels are expected to rise incrementally. It was not immediately clear whether air quality alerts could be issued.

Similar cloud formations will continue during the weekend, while Saturday highs are expected to drop noticeably but still remain above normal averages for this time of the year. Sunday maximums will drop further to reach closer to normal averages for this time of year.

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