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Hotel employees get wage boost

Cabinet enacts decree for retroactive raises

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The Council of Ministers convened earlier today to address key labor-related matters. One significant decision that emerged from the meeting was the approval of a higher minimum wage threshold for the hotel industry, a move that now includes employees associated with CoLA. Yannis Panagiotou, the Minister of Labour, conveyed this update after the session, revealing that a formal decree would be enacted to ensure the implementation of the wage increase.

Panagiotou underscored the significance of this decision, noting that it directly benefits a substantial number of low-income workers employed within the hotel sector. When asked about the timeline for the increased wages to take effect, Panagiotou responded that the decree's scope would encompass retroactive adjustments from June 2023.

Furthermore, as part of its agenda, the Council of Ministers endorsed a proposal aimed at presenting a bill to the House of Representatives. This bill would be designed to address overdue contributions to the Social Insurance Fund, specifically targeting individuals receiving social insurance benefits and public assistance. The proposed legislation seeks to shield these individuals from civil litigation associated with overdue contribution payments.

Panagiotou elucidated that this measure builds upon a precedent set in previous years, and it is set to remain in effect until July 1, 2024. The Council's deliberations have thus resulted in concrete steps toward enhancing labor conditions and safeguarding the financial well-being of certain beneficiaries.

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