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Reddit's aroma awards for the 20 most odorous countries

How Reddit users voted on the world's worst body odor

Source: Insider Monkey

In this article, we will take a look at the 20 countries with the worst body odor according to Reddit.

Tourists like people who are kind, hospitable, helpful, and courteous. When asked what they enjoy about a country they have visited, one of the most frequent responses is "its people." While these are some of the characters they like, the other half admires people's looks and physical characteristics, such as their lovely features, nice body shapes, and even their odors.

Everyone has a unique scent about them, and Johan Lundström, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, compared it to "like a fingerprint." Except when the twins are on different diets, even trained sniffer dogs fail to distinguish identical twins, he added. In America, there is a running joke that claims that if a white guy and a black man both fall into the water at the same time, the shark will bite the black man first. Americans will respond that black individuals have more body odor and are more likely to draw sharks' interest if you inquire as to why. In actuality, the body scents of individuals with various skin tones are highly varied. Some people's body scents are astounding, and people's body odors vary greatly between places.

Compared to the other five senses, smell-induced memories and emotions stay longer and pass away more slowly, Jacob noted. Whether they are administered topically or naturally occur inside the body, scents have the power to arouse either happy or sad memories and emotions, Breu added. Wilkie found that scents had a significant impact on human cognition and behavior. Americans prefer to relate positively to bodily fragrances that appeal to them, referring to a perfume as "something with a nice smell" and an odor as "something with a bad smell." Dogs rely more heavily on scent than any other sense, but humans employ all of their senses in everyday contact, said Wilkie. Dogs may recognize their owners by their bodily fragrance.

While giving someone a kiss is a typical gesture of affection in the West, kissing is also used to express friendliness, welcome, and congratulations in many non-English-speaking Western nations, such as those in Europe and Latin America. However, in the East, such a gesture could be viewed as impolite in public. According to Tony Vongdara, sniff kisses are perhaps the most popular form of affectionate expression in Lao culture. In Lao, they call it "hom neh," which literally translates to "Can I smell you?"

Now the question is, will you say, "Can I smell you?"" also to the inhabitants of these countries, which have the worst body odor according to Reddit, to see whether their replies are correct?

Our Methodology

Reddit, a social news aggregation, content review, and discussion website based in the United States, was used to determine this article. We picked not only the top 10 smelliest countries but also the top 20 countries with the worst body odor. We looked at six Reddit posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that ask, "Which people of all the countries you have visited have the worst body odor?" and posts that are linked to the subject. For each country that was listed among the sources, one point was given. The 20 Countries with the Worst Body Odor According to Reddit were ranked using these criteria.

So here are the top 20 countries with the worst body odor, According to Reddit.

20. Vietnam
In Southeast Asia's humid environment, body odor may be a problem, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnamese people have odor concerns when it is humid outside and they are traveling by motorcycle in the rain. In January 2021, a survey of 922 samples of people aged 16 to 49 was done to ascertain their worries over body odor. Results show that 92% of people take a bath at least once per day; female hair washing frequency is lower than male, with daily hair washing accounting for 23%; both sexes have the same level of concern for their body odor; the times when people are most concerned about their body odor are after sports and in the office or school; and the two body areas that cause the most odor issues are the mouth and the armpit.

19. Philippines
The Philippines embodies the Southeast Asian body odor. Body odor, or "B.O." to Filipinos, maybe a touchy subject, especially for those who suffer from it. The condition can have a negative impact on a person's social life and be quite demoralizing. Take note that additional variables affect body odor's incidence in addition to inadequate cleanliness, Makati Medical Center noted. Diet has a significant impact on how someone smells. Pork, rice, and bread are the key ingredients of Filipino cuisine. Onions and garlic, which are frequently used as bases in meals, also alter the odor of perspiration.

18. Nepal
Deodorant is not a widespread commodity in Nepal; however, it is offered in select places. It is more frequent among city dwellers and those with higher incomes. In general, though, most Nepalese people do not use deodorant.

17. Iran
The world's stenchiest guy in 2014 was an Iranian who defeated an Indian. Amou Haji, 80, resides in the isolated town of Dejgah in southern Iran. According to a Tehran Times article, he hasn't had a bath in 60 years and despises water. He has actually surpassed Guru Kailash Singh, 69, of India's holy city of Varanasi, who has refused to take a bath since 1974, shortly after getting married.

16. Saudi Arabia
Hall discovered that Arabs do not make an effort to completely cover up their body odors. In contrast to Americans who engage in daily rituals of deodorizing and perfume application, as noted in Synnott, they make use of and enhance these scents while fostering interpersonal interactions. Arabs practice purification rites that aim to symbolically eradicate the "differentness" of the outsider, whom their culture refers to as "he who stinks."

15. Turkey
Turkey is a country with the worst body odor. According to the Turkish Hurriyet, the comment left by American basketball player Danny Granger on his Twitter blog in 2010 angered Turks. For the World Championship, the basketball player traveled to Turkey. According to Danny Granger's blog, Turks don't use deodorant and smell "like dead donkeys." He removed the statement after receiving multiple complaints.

14. Iraq
Iraq uses a lot of spices in its meals, just as other Middle Eastern nations do. A blend of spices, frequently using cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cloves, and paprika, is frequently used in Iraqi cuisine.

13. Indonesia
Indonesia's motorcycle taxi app providers face such fierce competition that new entrants may go to extraordinary lengths to be recognized. The owner of the newest motorcycle-sharing firm, Aris Wahyudi, believes he has discovered a novel strategy for increasing sales: employing not-so-smelly drivers. Endang Ahmad, a 37-year-old professional armpit sniffer, adds that holding a clipboard, he uses it to grade applicants while they stand with their arms out in front of a fan that replicates the headwind of a motorcycle ride. "I have come across many types of body odor," he continues. "We don't give a pass to people whose perspiration and underarm odor are combined."

12. Thailand
Due to the use of some of the spiciest spices and chilies, authentic Thai food is renowned for being fiery. The majority of Thai people truly enjoy spicy cuisine. This is what affects how they smell.

11. Cambodia
Excessive body odor might be a source of concern. Most people who suffer from body odor are unaware of the problem and are unaware that they are upsetting others. Sweating is a normal occurrence, and people in warm and humid climates like Cambodia suffer from sweaty underarms.

10. United States of America
According to a survey by the worldwide research and opinion business YouGov, younger Americans are far less likely than their older counterparts to have used deodorant or antiperspirant in the past 30 days. According to YouGov, nearly 4 in 10 Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 claimed they hadn't used antiperspirant or deodorant in the previous month. Only 69% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 reported using either product. In contrast, 78% of people aged 35 to 44 and 84% of people aged 45 to 54 had deodorized in the previous month, respectively. The survey revealed that half of individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 wash their hair every day, suggesting that Millennials' attitudes regarding deodorant don't always apply to other hygiene routines.

9. Australia
Tenth on the list is Australia. Australia's performance in the area of "hygiene and grooming" falls below the world average, according to recent international research from Canada's McGill University.

8. Czech Republic
After their beer, the second most recognizable characteristic of the Czechs is their body odor. Deodorant usage is generally frowned upon in Europe, but among the Czechs, there is more than simply hesitation. The frequency and potency of the smell suggest that it is a direct protest against proper underarm hygiene. But everyone is affected; it's not just one individual. And because it affects everyone, it is both intolerable and accepted. In summary, the Czechs are stinky, laid-back, multilingual people who think that cigarettes are man's greatest friend and that cuddling up to the closest dog after a meal is the finest way to unwind.

7. Russia
The surroundings and eating habits of Russians are the real culprits behind their extremely offensive body odor. Russians cannot easily take a bath because their country is at a high latitude. Russians thus do not change their clothing every day and only take a few baths. No matter the season—spring, summer, autumn, or winter—some white individuals in Russia and Europe will have a foul odor all over their bodies. This sour flavor is somewhat reminiscent of the flavor of white vinegar, although it is much milder and is easy to mask with a little perfume.

6. Bangladesh
Curry is a common odor among Nepalese, Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi people, according to a Reddit response. Bangladeshi cuisine is known for its spicy flavors. Bangladeshis primarily eat rice. The most popular traditional dish in Bangladesh is rice, fish curry, and lentils.

5. Pakistan
What you eat has a big impact on how you smell. One of the top producers of spices worldwide is Pakistan. This is one of the frequent justifications why Pakistanis enjoy eating spices since they are the largest producers and because they are so inexpensive there. Therefore, it is certain that they will employ spices in their meals whenever everyone can afford to do so.

4. Germany

The 'world's worst lovers' are guys from Germany. German men just edged out English guys to claim the unwelcome title of worst lovers in the world. According to a survey of 15,000 women, Germans have too much body odor.

3. France

According to a survey, the French are officially odorous. 43 percent of French men and women, according to the research, don't take a daily shower, the Daily Star said. One-fourth admit to taking a shower once every 48 hours, 11% every three days, and 8% of French people say they take a shower once every four days. According to Virginia Mallet, CEO of the hygiene firm Initial France, people in France find it difficult to acknowledge the connection between inadequate cleanliness and disease.

2. Africa
Humans have a gene that produces a protein that feeds the bacteria responsible for body odor. Most African-Americans and Africans carry this gene. Nearly 97% of people of European or African descent carry the odorous underarm sweat gene.

1. India
Antiperspirants and deodorants are not often seen as being used by Indians. The majority of Indians believe that deodorant is a Western invention. According to a recent Indian survey, a significant majority of respondents who do not use deodorants or do not use them regularly blame the expensive price of the products for this. India has one of the highest rates of poverty in the world. The Indians have an overpowering body odor as a result of the cuisine and spices they eat.

Not only does the body odor of Indian guys smell bad, but 4 out of 5 of them will have it. This bodily stench is more potent than that of sour radish and more akin to the smell of long-fermented, rotting radish. Most individuals will find it challenging to accept if it is their first time.

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