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House President continues contacts in Australia

Cyprus could act as a link between the EU and Australia, Syllouris said, expressing Cyprus' willingness to develop relations with Australia

Newsroom / CNA

President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris continued his contacts in Australia, in the framework of an official visit heading a parliamentary delegation, during which he discussed the Cyprus issue, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s military operations, avoiding double taxation, and bilateral cooperation.
Syllouris met with President of the Senate Scott Ryan, who said Australia was following developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The House President thanked Ryan for Australia’s steadfast position on the Cyprus issue, and informed him of the symbolic contribution of Cyprus towards restoring the damage caused by the devastating wildfires.
Syllouris also referred to the action of the Cypriot community in Australia and expressed the will of the Cypriot side to further develop relations with Australia, noting that Cyprus could be a link between Australia and the EU.
The House President also informed Ryan on the policy of peace implemented by Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Libya, Israel and Lebanon, while Turkey on the other hand was implementing a policy of invasion and occupation.
Syllouris also met with shadow Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Katy Gallagher, who said that the more the two countries learn about each other, the more prospects of cooperation will develop.
Gallagher referred to the effects of the coronavirus on the economy, noting that fear was prevailing, while any financial crisis in China would also affect Australia.
Syllouris said Cyprus had a lot to learn from Australia and showed great interest in monitoring bank fees, giving instructions to study the Australian model of supervision.
Syllouris also met with Governor-General of Australia David Hurley, who was well informed on the Cyprus issue and developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, and reiterated his country’s positions on the Cyprus issue.
He furthermore met with leader of the opposition, MP Anthony Albanese, and Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, MP Mark Coulton.


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