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Identity of dead housemaid in Paphos still unknown

Police say young housemaid was found unconscious in her bed, no reports of previous medical issues


Cyprus Police say they won’t release the name of a young foreign woman after she was found dead in her bed in Paphos, where she worked as a housemaid.

According to police, a 25-year-old female from Nepal was at her place of residence in Paphos on Wednesday morning when she was found unconscious in her bed.

Local media said she was transported to Paphos General Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.

It was not clear whether the housemaid was only residing at the location or also working, but local media reported that her body was discovered by her employers.

The identity of the woman has not been released while police told Knews they were handling a case of sudden death with no signs of foul play or known labor issues.

Other reports said the young woman had no history of medical problems.

The story has also been reported on social media platform channels where foreign nationals joined a conversation and spread news about the woman’s death.

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