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Illegal smokes haul seized in Pournara migrant center

Authorities intercept smuggled duty-free tobacco at migrant center

Newsroom / CNA

Customs authorities recently seized quantities of duty-free tobacco products believed to have been illicitly transported from the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus. The contraband was discovered during a routine check of the personal belongings of two individuals entering the Pournara hospitality center in Kokkinotrimithia.

The Customs Department reported that the two suspects were apprehended on a first-degree offense. They opted for an out-of-court settlement by paying a total fine of €2,400, leading to their subsequent release.

The incident involved an Iranian man and woman who arrived at the Pournara center last Thursday afternoon. Upon inspection of their luggage by a security guard, tobacco products were uncovered. Customs officials were promptly summoned, revealing a total of 47 cartons of 200 cigarettes and 500g of rolling tobacco. Notably, these items lacked the mandatory health warnings in Greek and Turkish, as well as security features and unique traceability identification codes. These omissions indicated that the products had evaded taxation, according to the statement provided by the Customs Department.

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