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Vigilante militias detain migrants in Evros: New video emerges

Footage captures four migrants apprehended by self-appointed 'sheriffs' in Greece's Evros region

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

A recently surfaced video depicts four migrants allegedly apprehended by vigilante "militias" in the Evros region, now circulating across online platforms.

The video features a man adorned in military attire, who can be heard uttering, among other statements: "Another four,... Can you see? It's midday, and where are the authorities... where are they [...] Another four potential ''investors'', we contact the police, but there's no response..."

It's worth recalling the episode involving the detainment of 13 migrants within a trailer, purportedly at the hands of three self-proclaimed "policemen," which occurred on Tuesday, August 22. In response, the Alexandroupolis Security Department has initiated two distinct investigations.

One case pertains to the aforementioned 13 migrants and includes allegations of attempted arson, creation and possession of explosives, and unauthorized entry into the country.

Of the original 13, four have been subsequently released, following a unanimous decision made by the prosecutor and the examining magistrate.

"This suggests they couldn't establish their involvement in the arson attempt or ascertain any threat," Katerina Georgiadou, legal counsel for one of the migrants, pointed out.

For the three men, two Greeks and the owner of the vehicle, who is of Albanian origin, the charges are incitement to commit crimes of violence or discord with a racist motive, as well as racially motivated kidnapping and endangerment.

It is noted that the men in question handed over an incendiary device to the police authorities.

The three accused were subjected to the restrictive conditions of house arrest, removal of passport and prohibition to leave the country.

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