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More irregular migrants sent packing as repatriation drive continues

Coordinated operation returns 13 third-country nationals, reflecting ongoing efforts

Newsroom / CNA

Thirteen third-country nationals who had been residing illegally in Cyprus were repatriated to their home country as part of a joint operation on August 22. The operation, coordinated by Greek authorities in collaboration with the FRONTEX Agency and the Aliens and Immigration Service, Police Headquarters, aimed at the forced return of irregular migrants.

The Cyprus Police issued a statement confirming the joint flight operation. This operation contributes to ongoing efforts to address irregular migration.

Data from official sources indicate that from the beginning of this year to date, a total of 6,133 third-country nationals have been repatriated through both voluntary and forced return procedures. Of these cases, 1,326 involved the forced return of irregular migrants. Comparatively, in the same period last year, 3,985 nationals were repatriated.

Repatriation procedures are conducted with the cooperation of the FRONTEX agency. The Cypriot authorities are actively engaged in managing irregular migration and ensuring compliance with established protocols.


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