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Incorrect water bills leave 450 premises fuming in Paphos

Paphos probes high charges, meter malfunctions suspected


The Municipality of Paphos informs water consumers that it is investigating complaints regarding high water bills.

According to a statement from the Paphos Municipality, preliminary findings indicate that the high consumption bills sent to approximately 450 customers are due to one of the following reasons, such as human error in recording consumption data.

Following the replacement of old meters with new smart meters, underground leaks were detected in private properties, which the old meters did not register, or due to the inability to record by the previous meters due to their age.

The Municipality's service is examining each case separately, and the findings will be presented to the Municipal Council for appropriate and lawful action.

The public is informed that the Municipality of Paphos will not suspend water supply to the approximately 450 affected customers until a final decision is made by the Municipal Council following the ongoing investigation, concludes the statement.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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