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Independent investigators seek new leads in cold case

Investigators urge public to provide any information, even anonymously, to aid in solving the 2005 murder of the 26-year-old National Guardsman


Independent criminal investigators have urged anyone with information, even anonymously, to come forward in the investigation of the 2005 murder of 26-year-old national guard Thanasis Nikolaou. On Friday, investigators Lambros Pappas and Thanasis Athanasiou received crucial documents from the Limassol District Court pertaining to the case.

The Council of Ministers appointed Pappas and Athanasiou to reinvestigate the case. Outside the courthouse, Pappas expressed the gravity of their task. "I feel a heavy responsibility for my participation in such a complex case concerning the death of the unfortunate soldier Athanasios Nikolaou," he stated.

The investigators are revisiting the case with fresh eyes, thoroughly examining all previously collected evidence. Pappas urged the public to contribute any relevant information, emphasizing that the investigation’s progress concerns all of Cypriot society.

Athanasiou echoed this sentiment, highlighting their commitment to the case. "Despite our earlier statement that no comments will be made, we want to inform you that we received the minutes from the Limassol court today," he said. These documents will be added to the testimonial material collected so far.

The investigators are also awaiting additional statements from the Ministry of Defence. They remain focused on their task, working within a three-month timeframe, though Pappas noted the challenge this period may present.

Nikolaou's death has been a lingering mystery, with the public and authorities eager for closure. The investigators' renewed efforts aim to uncover the truth and bring justice to Nikolaou and his family.

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