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Interior Ministry clarifies asylum seeker employment rights

New statement highlights nine-month wait period before work eligibility


In a recent statement, Cyprus' Interior Ministry provided clarity regarding the right to work for asylum seekers. According to the statement, all asylum seekers, regardless of origin, are not permitted to access employment until nine months have passed from the date of their asylum application.

This regulation applies universally, whether the asylum seeker hails from a safe country like certain sub-Saharan African nations or a non-safe country such as Syria. The Interior Ministry emphasized that any employment of asylum seekers, including those from Syria, before the stipulated nine-month period is considered illegal.

Furthermore, the statement highlighted that the extended nine-month waiting period has been in effect since October. Violating this regulation may result in administrative fines, imprisonment, and even permanent deprivation of an employer's right to hire third-country nationals, as per the Aliens and Immigration Law.

The Interior Ministry underscored the integration of the Asylum Service's system with the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance's system. This integration ensures that potential employers are informed about the asylum status of prospective employees before hiring.

Additionally, the Interior Ministry announced plans to collaborate with the Department of Labour to enhance workplace inspections in the coming months.

This clarification aims to streamline procedures and uphold regulations related to asylum seekers' employment rights, contributing to better oversight and compliance in the labor market.

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