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International investigators appointed to tackle reluctance in local corruption cases

Cyprus' independent Anti-Corruption Authority appoints London-based investigators to tackle complaints amidst local reluctance

Newsroom / CNA

The Independent Authority Against Corruption in Cyprus has expressed concerns about the reluctance of Cypriot applicants to investigate complaints involving local officials. As a result, the Authority has decided to broaden its search for suitable candidates and has appointed two lead investigators, George Kampanella and Tanveer Qureshi, based in London. The investigative team, which also includes Cypriot lawyer George Liasides, is currently working on two cases expected to be concluded promptly.

The Authority follows a strict procedure of conducting investigations under conditions of confidentiality, ensuring that no information is released regarding the progress of the cases. According to the legislation governing the Authority's operations, individuals with knowledge and specialized experience in information examination and evaluation can be appointed as Inspection Officers.

Despite receiving over 90 applications for the position, most candidates expressed reluctance when it came to investigating complaints involving local officials. Consequently, the Authority decided to expand its search internationally, considering applicants from both public and non-public organizations and institutions.

The selection criteria for Inspection Officers included the demonstration of investigation skills and competence, as well as the ability to conduct impartial investigations independently. The Authority thoroughly assessed a large number of applicants during the selection process.

George Kampanella, a Partner at Taylor Rose MW Solicitors in London, has extensive experience representing individuals and corporations facing investigations and prosecution related to serious fraud, money laundering, bribery, and corruption. Tanveer Qureshi, a Barrister and Member of 4-5 Gray's Inn Square, specializes in cases involving fraud and bribery and has appeared before various courts in England and Wales. George Liasides, an English-qualified solicitor based in Cyprus, has been managing a wide range of cases since 1994.

The Authority aims to ensure transparency and accountability in its investigations, and the newly appointed lead investigators will contribute their expertise to advance the ongoing cases.


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