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President Christodoulides calls for stronger anti-corruption measures

Promoting accountability and transparency to combat corruption

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In a seminar organized by the Cyprus Bar Association on "Independent Anti-Corruption Authority: legislation, practice, and challenges," President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, emphasized the government's commitment to combating corruption and promoting political accountability.

President Christodoulides highlighted the detrimental effects of corruption on democracy, public life, and the business environment, emphasizing the erosion of trust in institutions and the state as a significant concern. He acknowledged the importance of a strong legal framework and commended Cyprus for enacting three laws related to anti-corruption measures, making it one of the few EU member states to do so.

The President expressed confidence in the Anti-Corruption Authority, citing its growing number of complaints and the trust it has gained from citizens. He underscored the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Authority in developing regulations and implementing the legislation effectively.

President Christodoulides also discussed the importance of prevention policies, starting with education and building an anti-corruption culture from an early age. He stressed that transparency and accountability are crucial in minimizing corruption and called for the cooperation of all stakeholders in achieving common goals in the fight against corruption.

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