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'Mismanagement, corruption and nepotism will not be tolerated'

Christodoulides said to his new Cabinet during its first meeting today

Source: CNA

Mismanagement, corruption, and nepotism will not be tolerated, and for the people who will be at the center of his administration, these were the main issues that President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides addressed in his speech on Wednesday during the swearing-in ceremony of the new members of his government.

He said, “our guide and compass are always the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, the existing laws and the international treaties that bind us, which we must constantly study”.

President Christodouldies urged his cabinet to “raise the bar of ethics high, while keeping the tone down”, adding “we are not here to serve any personal ambition or interest.

At the same time, he stated that incidents of mismanagement, cases of corruption, and lack of meritocracy will not be tolerated, emphasizing that no one is above the law.

In his speech, President Christodoulides welcomed his government members to the Presidential Palace on the official first day of the new administration "in which the Cypriot people have entrusted their hopes”.

He reiterated his readiness to take over the country's governance, expressing his full awareness of the absolute dedication on his part to the state, its institutions, its citizens, and the broader public interest, based on the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus and the existing laws.

President Christodoulides said he has already declared that he fully understands “the heavy historical responsibility which I undertake with pride, reverence and determination”.

He said he expects his cabinet to adhere to their responsibilities with due strictness, stating that he himself will do everything possible to set an example of hard work, ethics, and dedication, "expecting from each one of you who voluntarily and consciously undertake today, to follow the same path”.

President Christodoulides said that the focus of priorities has been placed on the people and their well-being, “and today, on your official first day, I ask you to delve into the political priorities and specific proposals, as included in our program, to make them your own, to start immediately implementing the strategy and to proceed with work that will bring results, with "good governance, justice, and determination, utilizing the capable human potential that the Cypriot public service has at its disposal, and I have no doubt that we will achieve all the goals we have set”.

He noted the Governance Programme that was formulated together with society includes specific proposals that concern daily life, which they are called upon to implement under his guidance and support. These include the immediate relief of “our fellow citizens with targeted economic measures, the resolution of significant labor issues pending in order to preserve labor peace, resolving problems in education, taking corrective actions in the health sector, always within the framework of the general health system, the regeneration of the primary sector of our country, accelerating digital transformation and technological upgrading of the Public Service, promoting culture, the arts, and literature and a friendlier public administration”.

The President said he expects and demands from his Ministers "what I demand of myself. We are here to produce work for Cyprus so that when we complete our term of office, we will leave the Cypriot people with tangible positive results. I urge you never to forget that the power you have is temporary and emanates from the people for the sole purpose of bringing benefits to the many and not to the few”, said Christodoulides.

He also called on them to "keep your doors open to citizens, listen to their needs and wishes. Continue the public consultation that began during the election campaign," be practical and effective, always within the framework of the law, as well as sincere and fair and become "servants of meritocracy. I repeat, remember that we will all be judged by the result. When we leave, our only success will be whatever work we manage to leave behind that is beneficial for the citizen, for the many and not for the few."

He emphasized that it is extremely important for everyone, individually and collectively, to earn the trust of the citizens. This will only happen if your work brings tangible benefits and if you govern politically with transparency, accountability, and oversight.

President Christodouldies urged his cabinet to “raise the bar of ethics high, while keeping the tone down”, adding “we are not here to serve any personal ambition or interest. These should be set aside from today. Incidents of mismanagement, corruption and incompetence will not be tolerated. I want this to be clear to everyone. None of us is above the law. All of us, and I put myself above all, must be, as I said at the beginning, and I repeat, the living example, the positive role model for colleagues and citizens, for society”.

He repeated that the House of Representatives should be “our biggest ally in this effort” and urged them to maintain “constant bridges of communication and productive cooperation”.

He also said that the public service “is the backbone of the executive, our support in this effort, the mechanism through which we will implement our Governance Programme.

He urged his ministers to be strict but also correct and meritocratic in their dealings with all public officials at all levels. Christodoulides said, “there is worthy manpower, you have to make sure to inspire them and make use of them, being their mentors, their worthy political superiors”.

Christodoulides said that his government is responsible "for a prosperous Cyprus for all its citizens. We have a responsibility to create for our young people the future they deserve”.

On behalf of the new cabinet, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos expressed appreciation for the appointments and assured “We are fully aware of the duty you are entrusting to us today”.

He said they must work “tirelessly each one in their areas of competence with an open mind” for the benefit of the public interest.

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