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Introducing Cyprus' six newly elected members of the European Parliament

Independent candidate leads as far-right party gains ground in surprising election results

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Chief Returning Officer Dr. Elikkos A. Elia announced the six newly elected Cypriot members of the European Parliament on Tuesday morning, following the results of Sunday’s elections.

In a ceremony held in Nicosia, Dr. Elia declared the successful candidates based on the voting results and preference crosses. The elected MEPs are:
1. Fidias Panayiotou (Independent)
2. Loucas Fourlas (DISY Democratic Rally)
3. Giorgos Georgiou (Progressive Party of Working People - AKEL)
4. Michalis Hadjipantela (DISY)
5. Costas Mavrides (Democratic Party - DIKO)
6. Geadis Geadi (National Popular Front - ELAM)

The results show DISY securing two seats with 24.8% of the vote (91,316 votes), followed by AKEL with one seat at 21.67% (79,163 votes). Independent candidate Fidias Panayiotou made a significant impact, receiving 19.4% (71,330 votes), while ELAM claimed a seat for the first time with 11.2% (41,215 votes). DIKO maintained its position with one seat, garnering 9.7% (35,815 votes).

Other parties failed to secure a seat, including EDEK, which lost its longstanding seat since Cyprus' EU accession, managing only 5.1% (18,681 votes). Volt Cyprus, a newcomer, gained 2.9% (10,777 votes), while DEPA received 2.2% (7,988 votes). The Ecologists Movement – Citizens Cooperation achieved 1.3% (4,742 votes), and the Active Citizens, Hunters Movement got 1.2% (4,603 votes). The Animal Party Cyprus, National Action Movement, Andronikos Zervides, and Niki each received less than 1% of the vote.

This election marked a dynamic shift in Cyprus’s political landscape, reflecting voter sentiment and introducing new faces to the European Parliament.

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