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Israeli tourist injured at Ayia Napa sea caves

Rescuers warn bathers at Cape Greco against diving into the water from steep rocks


Fire fighters were called to rescue a young woman in Ayia Napa on Thursday, after she was injured at the popular sea caves landmark in Cape Greco.

The woman, a 22-year-old Israeli national, was reportedly injured at the sea caves location, a place known for its rock diving among young tourists. 

It was not immediately clear how the woman was injured, but fire fighters who got the call around 1:15pm reportedly had to lift her from the site.

A coast guard speedboat staffed with an emergency medic rushed to safety where she was then transported by ambulance to the Famagusta General Hospital. 

Officials from the Joint Rescue Coordination Center later warned beachgoers not to approach the sea from the rocks that are several metres high. 

“The public ought to respect and comply with safety rules and refrain from entering the water via the rocky areas, especially when there are bad weather conditions,” the statement said.

The sea caves at Ayia Napa has been a popular spot where many young people take a risk by jumping into the water from up high. A number of YouTube videos suggests that this risky behaviour is viewed as a rite of passage by some Napa visitors.

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