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Junior high teacher accused of sexting students

Adjunct educator in Cyprus arrested after parent told police teacher was sexting teen


A young adjunct teacher in Cyprus has been arrested on child porn charges, after a parent of a junior high school student in a public school filed a complaint with police.

Local media said a 25-year-old male educator, who had a teaching contract through the health ministry, was detained by law enforcement agents following accusations that he shared sexually explicit content with a minor.

Police did not provide any details except the suspect’s gender, saying a man was detained on multiple charges including possession of child pornography, child sexual grooming, sexual molestation, and aggravated stalking.

During a home search investigators confiscated a mobile phone, two laptop computers, two hard discs, and a USB stick.

The gender of the alleged victim has not been disclosed but media reports said the parent of a junior high school filed the initial complaint.

Additional reports said the suspect was implicated in four other similar cases.

The suspect has been accused of sending inappropriate messages such as media depicting minors in sexually explicit acts.

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