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'K' poll: Averof leads Mavroyiannis by 0.5%

The release of the rolling survey conducted by 'K' - Symmetron Market Research (19–23 January) among 1003 participants

Marina Economides

Marina Economides

There was a minor upset In the fourth wave of the rolling poll that Symmetron Market Research conducted for "K,".  It seems the race for second place will undoubtedly be an exciting one. According to the poll, Andreas Mavroyiannis loses a small amount of ground to Averof Neofytou, while Nikos Christodoulides maintains his lead and a double-digit gap from his second runner-up.

Christodoulides's slight fall

The electoral impact of Nikos Christodoulides has slightly decreased from 32.9% in the third wave of the rolling election to 32.4%. He still has a double-digit advantage of 10 points over his two main competitors, though. He is currently getting 31% of the DISY vote, a slight drop from the 33.1% he received for the third wave that was presented in "K" last Sunday. As he receives 68.2% of the votes from DIKO, 57% of the votes from EDEK, and 43.5% of votes from DIPA, the convergence of the other three intermediate parties that support him also slightly declines. In the third wave of the rolling poll, the corresponding clusters were 71.2% of DIKO voters, 58.5% of EPP voters, and 51.9% of PPP voters.  His candidacy appears to have taken a hit among the progressive audience as a result of the talk of collaboration with ELAM, as 10.5% of AKEL voters now support him, compared to 12.1% who did so in the third wave of the rolling election. On the other hand, his ELAM audience inflow has slightly increased, growing to 15.8%. It demonstrates a rise in the number of absentee voters, reaching 25% of those who stayed home during the 2021 parliamentary elections and 12.1% of the Ecologists, who rose to 18.4% during the third wave.

Averof's lead

With a 0.7% increase from the third wave of the rolling vote that was announced last Sunday in K, Averof Neofytou wins with 22.2% of the vote. He increases the SynagerimosDISY rally from 52.6% to 53.4% and slightly increases his contributions from DIPA and ELAM. His contributions from DIKO, EDEK, and the ecologists are downgraded to 6.5%, 4.3%, and 6.1%, respectively, while he receives 30.4% of DPA and 18.4% of ELAM.

Mavroyiannis is barely in third place

With a slight decline from the third wave of the rolling poll's 21.9% to 21.7%, Andreas Mavroyiannis is now in second place. With the retention of 12.9% of HEK and 13% of PPP and an increase in the green vote to 33.3%, AKEL's coalescence rises from 76.3% to 79%. It receives 9.3% from DIKO, and the percentage of those who voted against it in 2021 increased from 20.4% to 22.8%. Additionally, it gets 22.2% of the votes from 2021 voters who changed their minds.

President of ELAM Christos Christou displays a slight improvement, registering 4.5% with his primary donor ELAM, which surges to 60.5%. Achilleas Demetriades receives 3.8% of the vote, significantly lessening his DISY inflow to 1.1%, and maintaining the AKEL vote at 2.8%. Konstantinos Christofides scores 2%, while George Kolokasidis scores 3%.

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