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Kaili in custody until next week - Decision on the three is expected

The three people who were arrested appeared before the Belgian judicial authorities. Eva Kaili was not present today.

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Eva Kaili, a Greek MEP and former vice-president of the European Parliament, will be detained until next week, according to AFP.

The hearing before Belgian judicial authorities ended not long ago. According to reports, the three arrested - Eva Kaili was not present at today's proceedings - exited the building through a back door.

According to Flemish media, Kaili's hearing has been rescheduled for December 22nd, and a decision on the three arrested people will be made within the next few hours.

It should be noted that the Greek MEP and three other people arrested are accused of money laundering, corruption, and membership in a criminal organization.

The secrets of the seized banknotes revealed

Earlier, Belgian police released photos and information from the cash discovered at the homes of Ms. Kaili and her partner Francesco Giorgio, former MEP Antonio Panceri's home, and Alexandros Kaili's suitcase. The total amount could reach EUR 1.5 million.

According to the prominent Belgian newspaper L'Echo on Wednesday, Belgian authorities seized uncirculated cash that was still glued and tied with a rubber band and clearly came from another country, given that Belgium has stopped printing banknotes.

Once the source of the cash has been determined, it will be simple to determine the bank from which the banknotes were withdrawn, as well as the bank account and identity of the person who made the withdrawal.

Furthermore, authorities will be able to compare the digital fingerprints on the banknotes to those of the suspects. 

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