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KEDIPES: Interest subsidies for good loans in 2023

For the year 2023, the total interest rate will be 3.50% for housing loans and 4% for credit facilities for other purposes

Panayiotis Rougalas

Panayiotis Rougalas

As a reward for borrowers who stick to the repayment schedule of their credit facilities for the year 2023, KEDIPES is moving forward with an interest subsidy for restructured credit facilities that have the ECB base rate as their base rate.

Following the escalating increases in the interest rate of the primary refinancing operations of the European Central Bank caused by the sharp rise in inflation and due to the wider impact on the household budget, KEDIPES decided to take interest subsidy measures, which were disclosed as part of the announcement of KEDIPES' financial results for the period ending in 2022.

The specifics state that the interest subsidy on the accounts linked to the aforementioned credit facilities will be structured so that the total interest rate charged at the time of capitalization for the year 2023 will be equal to 3.50% for mortgage loans and 4% for credit facilities for other purposes.

Additionally, the accounts must not be in arrears on the capitalization dates specified in their contract (06/30/2023 and/or 12/31/2023) in order for them to be eligible for the subsidy.

Keep in mind that after the capitalization date specified in their contract, the impacted accounts will be credited with the aforementioned interest subsidy by way of a separate entry in the account (with a value date on the capitalization date).

It should be noted that the crediting of interest to these accounts in no way constitutes an advance payment of an installment and does not change the borrowers' obligation to adhere to their repayment schedule.

Loans to municipalities and loans to accounts with loans covered by any Central Equalization Scheme are not eligible for the subsidy.


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