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Lamb and goat prices jump 29% in a month

Coffee and tea become luxury commodities


Once again, our door is greeted with a knock of concern as food prices continue to rise, placing financial strain on the daily lives of many consumers. This is clearly shown by data from the Consumer Service, which reveals that in August 2023, the prices of certain essential goods were significantly higher than in August 2022.

A prime example is fresh vegetables, excluding potatoes and other similar items, which saw a hefty 37.36% price increase compared to last year. Notably, fresh vegetable prices surged by 26.16% within just one month, from July to August 2023. On the flip side, fresh fruit prices increased by a more modest 13.09%.

In August 2023, sugar prices went up by 28.26% compared to August 2022, while ice cream saw a 21.47% increase, coffee went up by 14.03%, and items like sweets, jam, honey, and chocolate became 11.94% more expensive. Tea prices rose by 11.67%, and soft drink prices increased by 13.33%.

The cost of lamb and goat meat shot up by 29%, beef and veal increased by 16.53%, and pork became 9.93% pricier. Cheese prices surged by 17.80%, butter by 12.97%, yogurt by 11.36%, and rice by 10.33%. Olive oil prices also climbed by 13.10%. Lastly, dried, smoked, or salted fish and seafood prices increased by 16.10%, frozen options by 7.89%, and fresh varieties by 6.84%.

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