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Larnaca students evacuate bus that caught fire

Large bus carrying students in Larnaca goes up in flames, cause of fire under investigation


Students on a large bus in Larnaca carried out an emergency evacuation on Tuesday after the driver spotted a fire in the back and pulled over.

According to local media a school bus was moving along a road in Larnaca near a middle school in Kiti, when fire was detected in the back.

Reports said the driver noticed fire was coming from the engine compartment and pulled over, instructing students to evacuate in an orderly fashion.

Two fire trucks were called at the scene but photos online showed the bus was completely destroyed, while no injuries were reported during the incident.

State engineers were reportedly investigating the incident to determine the cause of the fire, while the bus driver was questioned by law enforcement officials.

It was not immediately clear in the reports whether the fire started due to a mechanical malfunction or human activity.

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