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Last Cypriot citizen arrives from Sudan by plane while others travel by car to Egypt

Civilian evacuation operation continues

Source: CNA

The last Cypriot citizen arrived from Sudan by plane late on Wednesday evening while the arrival of seven people who were traveling to Egypt by car is also expected, Cyprus’ Foreign Ministry spokesman, Theodoros Gotsis, told CNA on Thursday noting that it was important for the civilian evacuation operation to continue.

According to Gotsis, the last Cypriot national arrived from Sudan by air just after midnight, while three more people are expected, namely the Honorary Consul of Cyprus in Sudan and his two family members.

There are still seven people of Cypriot origin traveling to Egypt by road.

Gotsis also said that it is important for the flow of the operation to evacuate citizens from Sudan to continue, noting also Cyprus’ contribution to this effort.

Asked how many flights are expected on Thursday, he noted that the situation on the ground in Sudan is volatile and changing. He also noted that people have to get to the military airport, which is about 30 kilometers north of Khartoum, to be able to leave the country by air.

He further said that it is not only British citizens who arrive on the flights but also citizens of other countries such as Americans, Canadians, Australians and others.

The US Ambassador to Cyprus, Julie Fisher, expressed her country's gratitude to the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom for their “exceptional efforts” in helping evacuate people, including Americans, from Sudan.

In a tweet, the Ambassador said they were “deeply grateful” to their partners, Cyprus and the United Kingdom, “for their exceptional efforts helping evacuate individuals, including Americans, from Sudan”.

She also noted the USA’s partnership with the Cyprus Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, the Defence and Foreign Affairs Ministries and the British High Commission in Nicosia, “in action in support of our citizens”.

In the context of the ongoing efforts to evacuate Cypriots and citizens of other nationalities from Sudan, Cyprus activated the ESTIA National Plan for the reception and repatriation of foreign citizens from an area in crisis through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

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