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Late Archbishop expressed concerns over Avvakoum Monastery's operations

Archbishop's concerns prompted further discussions within the Church community


The late Archbishop Chrysostomos II raised concerns regarding the operations of St. Avvakoum's Monastery in Fterikoudi, as disclosed in correspondence with Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamassos.

According to reports from RIK's main news bulletin, Archbishop Chrysostomos reacted strongly in 2021 when invited by the Tamassos Metropolitan and the hermitage of St. Avvakoum to attend a ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone for a new church. The Archbishop declined the invitation, deeming it unacceptable.

In a subsequent response letter, Archbishop Chrysostomos conveyed his reservations about such "retreats" and "monasteries," putting them in quotes, suggesting they could discredit the Church and cause concern among clergy and followers. He indicated that the matter would be further discussed in a session of the Holy Synod.

Metropolitan Isaiah, in his reply, expressed surprise at the Archbishop's remarks, asserting that these centers are places of prayer and spiritual growth, not sources of scandal. He cited the support of numerous worshippers and other Metropolitans ready to testify in defense of these establishments before the Holy Synod.

Meanwhile, local residents of Lythrodontas anticipated the controversy surrounding St. Avvakoum's Monastery, citing the removal of a monk from the community's church due to actions beyond his religious duties.

The late Archbishop's concerns, alongside allegations of misconduct within the monastery, have prompted further scrutiny and discussions within the Church community.

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