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20 May, 2024
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Stormy skies and shifting temps ahead

Brace for rainy days and blustery nights


Hey there, weather watchers! Brace yourselves for a bit of a weather rollercoaster today. We're looking at a mix of clouds, with some showers and thunderstorms popping up here and there, mainly hanging out in the western and northern parts.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you hear a little hail drumming on your windows during those storms.

Winds will start off pretty chill but might ramp up a bit later on, especially down by the coast. So, if you're planning any seaside strolls, keep that in mind. Seas might get a bit choppy too.

As for temps, expect them to vary, hitting around 20 degrees Celsius inland but feeling a tad cooler near the shores and definitely nippy up in the mountains.

Tonight, those clouds aren't going anywhere, bringing along more showers, especially for the folks hanging out on the western and southern coasts. And hey, inland areas might get a bit foggy too, so be careful out there.

Winds will ease up a bit, but the sea might still have a little dance going on. Temps will drop a bit more, so maybe keep that extra blanket handy.

Looking ahead, Thursday and Friday might keep the showery vibe going, mostly in the northeast on Thursday and in the hills on Friday. And guess what? Saturday could bring us a mix of showers and quick thunderstorms, especially up in the hills.

Oh, and speaking of temperatures, expect them to gradually dip until Saturday rolls around, so maybe dig out that cozy sweater you've been missing.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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