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Limassol casino dealer busted for cheating

Police arrest Limassol croupier after cameras showed him altering roulette results to favour client


A croupier at the Limassol casino has been arrested on felony charges after security cameras showed him favouring a specific client multiple times.

Police arrested a 44-year-old casino dealer at C2 Cyprus Casinos on Thursday, accusing him of altering roulette results a total of 18 times in order favour a specific male customer, who got away with winnings of €5800 and is now wanted by authorities.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the alleged offences took place between February 6 and March 2 this year, when the croupier appeared to alter the outcome of roulette spins a total of 18 times on separate bets.

It was not clear whether security cameras captured the dealer changing the outcome after the spin in all cases or whether he had also allowed bets to be made after the spin deadline.

The suspect was scheduled to appear before a Limassol District Court judge for his remand hearing, while a 53-year-old male believed to be the customer in question is wanted by police.

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