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Cypriots weathering windstorm aftermath

First responders on call in the aftermath of severe weather, flood watch still in effect


A wind advisory was set to expire Tuesday following several reported incidents and damages, while an east-moving low barometric pressure around Rhodes was showing signs of gradually falling by mid-week.

A yellow warning due to heavy winds, which was issued on Monday, was set to expire Tuesday early afternoon at 1pm. Officials said a low barometer was affecting the area from the east but the system was expected to weaken by Wednesday.

A group of pilgrims were trapped at a local chapel on Epiphany Day, while a motorist in Paphos had to be rescued after his vehicle was caught in a flood

But a rainfall warning remained in effect through Tuesday night at 10pm, due to high chances of showers and thunderstorms with rain accumulation likely to exceed 50 millimeters in a 6-hour period.

Local media said there were downed trees and power cuts in many areas due to near gale force winds on Monday, while emergency rescuers were called dozens of times to assist motorists who were trapped in flooded waters.

Most weather-related incidents took place in Limassol and Larnaca, where fire fighters were called to pump out rainwater from residences and remove debris, while Nicosia responders dealt mainly with downed trees and branches.

A group of pilgrims in Limassol were trapped at a local chapel on Epiphany Day due to road conditions, while a motorist in Paphos had to be rescued after his vehicle was caught in a flood.

Gone with the wind

Road signs were also blown away in many parts of the island with some damages reported.

Police warned motorists that several roads and bridges in all districts were closed due to floods, mudslides and rockslides, or due to slippery conditions.

Tuesday skies were expected to remain mostly cloudy with local showers and isolated thunderstorms in many parts of the island.

Snow continues to fall high up in Troodos mountains with the last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge recording 25 inches as of Tuesday early morning at 5am.

Story updated with information on flood watch due to showers and thunderstorms

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