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Man detained on suspicion of terrorism

Cypriot judge orders Syrian man remanded for eight days as police investigate terrorism-related offences


A Syrian man in the Republic of Cyprus has been remanded in custody for eight days on suspicion of being involved with terrorism.

According to police, a 24-year-old foreign national was detained on Sunday in connection with an ongoing investigation into offences relating to terrorism.

Reports said officers from the anti-terror unit arrested the suspect after evaluating information on social media

Police did not disclose the nationality of the suspect or the specific offences under suspicion, telling Knews he was a foreign national who was lawfully residing on the island on a temporary status.

But according to Philenews, which described the young man as a Syrian national residing in Limassol, police investigators from the anti-terror unit arrested the suspect after evaluating information on social media.

Police prosecutors secured the remand on Monday, after telling a local judge the offences under investigation fell under the umbrella of terrorism prevention laws.

Cyprus is considered a low-risk destination country for terrorists, but officials remain on high alert for suspects transiting to Europe who may pass through the island.

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