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Man’s death unnoticed for over two months

Landlord in rural Nicosia discovers decomposed body of tenant who died early December in poor weather


The body of a man who died in December was discovered Thursday in his rural Nicosia residence, after it had gone unnoticed for over two months even when a company employee went to cut off electricity.

According to local media, a 60 year-old foreign national is believed to have died on December 5 inside his rental home, while nobody had gone to search for him for over two months.

On Thursday morning the landlord reportedly discovered the body which was said to have been in a state of advanced decomposition. No information was provided regarding the circumstances of death, while police did not suspect foul play according to local media.

A yellow warning due to severe weather had been issued the day before the man’s death. Gale force winds, heavy storms, and hail overnight caused road flooding and property damages in many areas. It was not clear if weather had played any role in the foreign man's demise.

Local reports also said an employee from the Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) went to the house and knocked on the door without getting an answer. The EAC worker had gone to disconnect the power last month without realizing that a man had already been dead inside.

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