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Man sentenced for sexually abusing teen

Local male sexually abused his daughters’ friend who suffered from mental illness


A 48-year-old local man has been sentenced to four years after he was found guilty of sexually molesting a teenage girl who suffered from mental illness.

The Criminal Court in Nicosia handed down a sentence against a Greek Cypriot male, following his conviction on seven counts of sexual abuse against a minor who was aged between 14 and 15 at the time.

Five other counts of sexual abuse, including four charges of indecent assault and another one of sexual assault, were dismissed during the trial.

The offences took place in the man’s residence, where the teenage girl was often visiting her friends

The offences took place between June 2016 and May 2017, in the man’s residence, where the teenage girl, also described as Greek Cypriot, was often visiting her friends who were the perpetrator’s children.

The judges said that the man took advantage of his daughters friend’s innocence as well as completely disregarded her mental state and psychological trauma he had caused. They also made reference to the big age gap between victim and perpetrator, saying they found the crimes to be “abhorrent.”

They also reiterated the need for strict sentences in cases of sexual crimes against minors and stressed that penalties ought to serve as a deterrent.

But the court also took into consideration that the man had no previous criminal record and he had already served 18 months behind bars due to his failure to make bail.

He is expected to spend the next three years in prison to serve the remainder of his sentences, all of which run concurrently.

The sentencing took place on Monday in a closed session at the Nicosia District Court.

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