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Mandatory insurance for doctors to ensure accountability

DISY's legislative proposal aims to bridge gaps in ''Doctors' Law'' following a landmark court case


In a move to address recent legal developments, the Democratic Rally (DISY) party in Cyprus has proposed a law requiring doctors to sign contracts with insurance companies and before they can obtain licenses from the Pancyprian Medical Association.

According to a report on PhileNews, the proposed legislation, submitted by MPs Efthimios Diplaros, Savvia Orphanidou, and Charalambos Pazaros, aims to fill gaps in the current "Doctors' Law" highlighted by a recent court case. The case resulted in a doctor being ordered to pay €2.5 million in damages, exposing a loophole where doctors outside the General Health Insurance Scheme lacked a legal requirement for insurance coverage.

Under the proposed amendment, obtaining and maintaining an insurance contract against civil liability for professional negligence becomes a prerequisite for the issuance of an annual professional license. The Pancyprian Medical Association will oversee the licensing process.

Moreover, the proposal addresses the need to specify the minimum insurance coverage offered by these policies. The recent €2.5 million award exceeded the limits of many existing insurance policies, typically capped at €1 million.

The Parliamentary Committee on Health is set to discuss the proposed amendment, which aims to regulate the insurance contracts further. The Pancyprian Medical Association, as part of the proposed law, will determine the minimum conditions and scope of insurance coverage required for doctors.

If enacted, this amendment seeks to ensure that doctors in Cyprus, regardless of their participation in the General Health System, maintain adequate insurance coverage against civil liability for professional negligence.

[Information sourced from PhileNews]

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