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Masks no longer required indoors or outdoors as of today, June 1st

Passengers arriving into Cyprus will no longer have to present a vaccination certificate or negative covid test

Source: CNA

As of today, the use of protective masks in indoor and outdoor areas will not be obligatory.  Moreover, all Covid-related measures will be lifted in ports and airports in the Republic of Cyprus.

Members of the public will no longer be obliged to wear face masks when outside or in indoor areas, except in high-risk places such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other facilities where members of vulnerable groups reside, as well as public transport. The suspension of the obligatory use of masks does not apply to people working in these places.

It is recommended that vulnerable groups and those close to them continue to use masks when in crowded areas.

As of today, up to 2 visitors may visit patients in public and private hospitals, but only 1 can visit at a time.  Visitors aged 6 and older need to present a negative rapid or PCR test, valid no longer than 48 hours. In extreme emergency cases, more people may visit a patient after permission from the hospital's administration.

As of today, all Covid-related measures are lifted in ports and airports in the Republic of Cyprus.

All those arriving in the Republic of Cyprus, regardless of their country of origin, will not be required to present a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative PCR or antigen rapid test.

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