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Migration agents raid building in Larnaca

Police inspect foreign nationals in Larnaca building for possible suspected offences


Police and immigration agents raided a place of residence in Larnaca on Wednesday where they inspected 22 individuals in an effort to combat illegal immigration, human trafficking, and labour exploitation.

Law enforcement agents from Immigration, Famagusta police headquarters, and police’s Human Trafficking Unit, raided a building structure in a Larnaca community on Wednesday early morning where they located 22 foreign nationals.

Police described the building in question as a structure that had been turned into a residence, where according to information evaluated by agents there was suspicion of crimes committed including illegal stay, exploitation at the workplace, and human trafficking.

A total of 22 foreign nationals, including Egyptians and Syrians, were inspected with police saying no offences were found to have been committed. No arrests were made, police said.

Police declined to say whether any search warrants had been issued in Wednesday’s operation

The Cyprus News Agency reported that Wednesday’s operation was a follow up to another case last week, when a 58-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, felony conspiracy, illegal gains, and other unlawful activities.

According to an official report, the 58-year-old suspect was arrested on a farm in Famagusta district and was remanded in custody for five days. He was detained after officers located two individuals on the premises who were later described as possible victims of exploitation.

But police said there was “absolutely no connection between the two cases” while declining to say whether any search warrants had been issued for Wednesday’s operation.

Police sources also said Wednesday’s operation took place after careful evaluation of information pertaining to possible crimes, with no person found to have violated the law in any way. 

CNA reported that international students from non-European countries were among the 22 individuals located in the building.

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