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Missing woman dead in Akamas

Body of senior citizen spotted in Akamas, ten days after she was reported missing


A senior citizen, who had gone missing ten days ago, has been found dead in the Akamas area.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the body of a dead woman was found in Akamas on Monday morning around 8:30am. Media reports said the body belonged to 69-year-old Eleni Plakidis who was missing since January 10.

Plakidis, described as a German national married to a Greek Cypriot man, disappeared on January 10 from her residence in Paphos. Reports said she left her home in the afternoon to go to the convenience store. 

The woman’s vehicle was found in Akamas last week, locked and stuck in mud. Her purse was also found nearby. Additional reports said the family told law enforcement that she was suffering from memory loss. Police located the body following a tip they received, according to CNA.

No further details were shared by police, who are investigating the case. A post mortem scheduled later in the day was expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her death.

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