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05 December, 2022
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Mixed weather with isolated light showers

Sunshine and cloudy skies for remainder of week, rain in scattered areas and west


A weak high pressure system is affecting Cyprus with mixed skies but also chances of light rain expected throughout the week in different parts of the island including the west coast.

Tuesday skies in the daytime will be partly cloudy and at times cloudy over local areas, with strong winds expected along the coast and chances of light rain in the western half of the island and in the mountains.

Temperature highs will reach 18 degrees Celsius inland and in the west, around 19 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 8 high up in the mountains.

Evening weather will gradually become mostly clear except in the western half of the island and mountains where scattered clouds and cloud formations over local areas could bring isolated light showers.

Temperature lows will drop to 6 degrees inland, around 11 in the west and north, around 8 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 2 higher up where frost is expected to form overnight.

Mixed weather with sunshine and cloudy skies is expected to last throughout the week, with Wednesday seeing low chances of scattered light showers in the western half, light rain expected in the west and mountains on Thursday, and chances of isolated showers mainly in the mountains on Friday.

Snow is not expected this week, while the last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge was 4.7 inches, as recorded at 5am on Tuesday.

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