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Powerful message for wildlife after flamingo rescue

Home in Cyprus Chinese tweets video of flamingo rescue, calls for no garbage in the wild


Members of the Chinese community in Cyprus have a powerful message in support of wildlife this week, after a student notified authorities about a trapped pink flamingo in Larnaca’s Salt Lake.

Wildlife officers came to the rescue of a pink flamingo on Sunday when they managed to free the magnificent bird that had been trapped in the salt lake.

According to ‘HomeinCyprus Chinese’ - a cultural initiative in the local community that posted a video of the rescue – a Chinese student had notified authorities after seeing a flamingo that had one of its legs caught in a string.

“Thanks to a Chinese student. When he saw a flamingo trapped by strings in the salt lake, he called for help,” the tweet said, adding that “two rescuers came to free the poor beauty at last.”

Previous local reports said a flamingo had been trapped in the lake since December 1, looking for food but being unable to fly due to a string around its leg. Media speculation said the string was possibly thin cord used to fly kites in the area on Green Monday, a traditional holiday in Cyprus.

'Don't leave garbage in the wild please, let's treasure these elegant creatures and protect our beautiful island'

“Don't leave garbage in the wild please, let's treasure these elegant creatures and protect our beautiful island,” HomeinCyprus Chinese said in the tweet.

Another flamingo was said to have been rescued in Oroklini, with reports saying a similar cord was caught around the neck and legs of the beautiful bird.

Cyprus is a key stop on the migration path for many types of birds flying from Africa to Europe. The Larnaca Salt Lake, a wetlands network of four lakes, typically welcomes as many as 15,000 flamingos from colder climates to the southern coast of the island nation in the eastern Mediterranean. They stay through the winter and leave in March.

But many flamingos perish on the island under unnatural circumstances, such as lead poisoning by pellets left behind after a sport shooting range near the salt lake’s northern tip was closed, but activists say the clean-up was incomplete.

It was not clear what type of string was found in both cases and wildlife officials could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Conservationists have been calling on local authorities and members of the public to stay back and enjoy the flamingos from a distance, so that they can be undisturbed and ready for their next destination. 

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