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Beautiful pink flamingos have returned to the Larnaca salt lake

Numbers are expected to increase in the coming weeks

Newsroom / CNA

The first flamingos arrived in the Aliki salt lake in Larnaca in search of food and warmer weather. They are the first group of beautiful pink visitors who have found refuge on Lake Aliki.

Every year thousands of migratory birds arrive in Cyprus, most in the Larnaca Salt Lake, to spend their winter.  They attract locals and foreign visitors alike, especially those wishing to study their behavior.

In the coming weeks, the number of flamingos that will visit Cyprus is expected to increase, so long as there is enough rain that will allow them to feed on brine shrimp in the shallow waters of the lake.

Citizens are allowed to watch the flamingos from a distance but prohibited from entering the salt lake to attempt to approach them.  Drones are also not allowed in the area.

There is also an observation post at Aliki salt lake that the public can use to view these magnificent creatures.

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