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Protests continue against new COVID measures (images)

Some demanded the resignation of President Anastasiades

Source: CNA

Protests continued this morning outside the House of Representatives against the use of masks in primary schools, rapid testing and vaccinations outside the House of Representatives.

The protesters, in a resolution submitted to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Pavlos Mylonas, demand the abolition of the measures imposed by the Minister of Health because, as they state, have "reached the limits of irrationality". They are asking for a delegation to attend the meeting of the Education Committee, which is discussing the implementation of health protocols in schools for the management of COVID-19.

The resolution signed by the political movement "Niki" states that the Cypriot people demand the abolition of the irrational measures imposed by the Minister of Health.  According to the resolution, the powers the Health Minister is exercising were granted to him by the Council of Ministers based on the Law of Infection, and not by the Legislature, therefore they are illegal.

They even cited polls showing 81% of citizens disagree with these measures. At the same time, they also requested a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, to discuss the issue.

Most of the protesters, along with some elementary and kindergarten-aged children, were not wearing protective masks at the demonstration.

Protesters cried out phrases such as "under the arms of our children", "bread, education, freedom", while there were also voices calling for the resignation of the President of the Republic. 

Banners that were held read "Our children are not guinea pigs", "Yes to democracy, yes to human rights, No to the new order" and "No to the fascism of the new order".

After an announcement last week, the new measures that apply to children are the following:

From November 29, the age limit for mask use is reduced to 6 years, in all areas where the use of a protective mask is required.

From November 29, all people aged 6-11 must present a Safe Pass. The conditions of the Safe Pass that apply to this group are a) the certificate of recovery against COVID for the last six (6) months or a certificate of a negative result from PCR or rapid antigen test valid for seven (7) days. (In printed form or in a text message). 

From November 29, all primary school students will undergo a rapid antigen detection test on a weekly basis, through mobile sampling units of the Ministry of Health, until the end of the school year for the Christmas holidays.

From November 29, all school Christmas holidays are suspended.  A permit must be acquired from the Ministry of Heatlh for those wishing to hold a Christmas event during this period.

From 29 November, SafePass checks using the CovScan Cyprus app will apply to people aged 14 and over.

In addition, some children's activities will need a confirmation of a Safepass.  Moreover, from December 15 only people 12 years of age and older who have received at least one dose of the vaccine will be able to enter the following areas. (i) indoor and outdoor stadiums (ii) theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas, auditoriums (iii) nightclubs, discotheques, music and dance venues and restaurants.

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