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Moscow attempts to sway Cypriot foreign policy

Cypriot Foreign Minister phones Russian FM Lavrov

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Nicosia said that it has never been its goal nor does it seek the militarisation of Cyprus, clarifying that it provides access for operations of humanitarian nature to other countries on the basis of requests or a relevant agreement.

''We do not militarize Cyprus and we do not explain to anyone, nor do we apologize to anyone, Cyprus is a member of the European Union and follows the European policy'' said government spokesman Prodromou on reactions that the government issued a subservient response to the Russian threat.

In response Mr Prodromou said that ''blustering does not count, nor does it concern us that some are alarmed by the upgrading of our relations with the US'', adding that we do not need to give rigorous answers to anyone.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and follows the European policy

Prodromou was commenting on a TASS agency news report quoting Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying that Moscow will have to take response measures in case of a military build-up by the US in Cyprus.

Earlier this week President Anastasiades expressed hope that the US will join the trilateral energy cooperation between Cyprus, Israel and Greece.

In a written statement Prodromou clarified that ''it was never our goal nor do we seek now the militarisation of Cyprus.''

The Republic of Cyprus, he added, ''making the most of its geographic position, provides facilities for operations of a humanitarian nature and only when certain countries submit a relevant request or if there is a relevant agreement or memorandum of understanding in place.''

The Government Spokesman referred to statements by Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides in Parliament that in 2017 facilities were provided in 672 instances in Cyprus’ airports and in 225 instances in the island’s ports.

During this year and until October 29, facilities were provided in 212 instances in airports and 207 instances in ports, he added.

Russian embassy’s spokeswoman in Nicosia Alla Khanaeva said that Zakharova ''made these statements based on information by the TASS news agency, "adding that "perhaps TASS received this information from American sources.''

''We have nothing more to add,'' she noted.

Cypriot and Russian FMs have telephone conversation

Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation on Wednesday afternoon during which they agreed to meet "in the coming months"

During their telephone conversation which was initiated by Christodoulides the two Foreign Ministers "reviewed the bilateral relations of Cyprus and Russia and exchanged views on possible ways of further enhancing them," a Foreign Ministry press release says.

They also discussed recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region and matters which have to do with EU - Russia relations, the press release continues.

"In this context, they agreed to meet in the coming months," it concludes.

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